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In these uncertain times, it is important to make sure you are properly communicating with the brain of your customer. Small changes make a big difference – in one study, changing a single word in an advertisement resulted in a 38% increase in sales.

Would you benefit from an extra set of eyes ensuring your business is brain friendly?

Behavioral economics has been named the top job of this decade by Bloomberg.

Businesses around the globe are adding nudge units and behavioral science teams to help them get an edge. But what about the small business owners out there? Who is going to give them the tools to remain competitive (and better yet, thrive)?

In my opinion, unless someone intentionally steps into this space and creates affordable solutions for small businesses, it will take a very long time for behavioral economics to trickle down to them – longer than many businesses have to give.

That’s why I’ve created multiple courses and the BE Thoughtful Revolution membership group – to give those in small businesses the tools they need to run their companies with confidence.


Direct access to a behavioral economics expert (me!). I’ll deliver the information and inspiration you’re looking for. Who am I?

Only $99 a month!

Are you ready to uplevel yaour business and become brain friendly?

“Working with Melina resulted in the most profitable quarter in 11 years of running my business”


In Case You're Wondering...

What is the commitment?

There is no long term commitment (you can cancel at any time).

Should I start with a Virtual Strategy Session or join the group first?

My general advice is to join the group first so you can take advantage of discounted pricing on your Virtual Strategy Sessions. Non-member pricing on Virtual Strategy Sessions is $499, which is discounted to $400 for members of the BE Thoughtful Revolution. Essentially, that means you get a free month in the group for every Virtual Strategy Session you book! (Since members get $99 off every Virtual Strategy Session and the group is $99 per month.)

Do I have to make all the trainings live?

Everyone who is a member of the BE Thoughtful Revolution is encouraged to participate in the live calls when you can. However, I know that isn’t always possible. We have members on three continents in various time zones and everyone busy work schedules. Throughout the week, you can post your questions in the Facebook Group, which will either be answered there or on the call – even if you don’t make it live (or both) AND the replays are always posted and available in MemberVault (along with all the course content and other material that is special for members only.

Can I still buy a course separately?

Yes, you may buy the Brainy Pricing Course or Brainy Mindset Course on their own and they are still $399 each. Or, if you prefer, you can join the BE Thoughtful Revolution and have access to both courses instantly (plus the Lead Magnet Course, which is currently only available in the group) for only $99 a month. The difference is, if you are part of the group and leave, you will not have ongoing access to that course content. Anyone who buys a course outright will keep it indefinitely.

Is there a limit to the questions I can ask?

Nope! Ask away my friend! The Facebook group is there for you to continue to refine and hone the incorporation of behavioral economics into your business. There will be some questions that warrant a deeper conversation, in which case a Virtual Strategy Session or Virtual Workshop would be recommended – and as a member you will get a discount on those – yay!

You don’t want to miss out on these behavioral economics concepts – and tips for how to apply them in your business.
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