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Best Superbowl Commercial (Using Behavioral Economics)

Many of the “ad meters” are showing the Eli Manning / Odell Beckham Jr. “Dirty Dancing” spoof or the “Alexa lost her voice” ad as the best of the season, but I disagree. While both were very funny, and I enjoyed them, there was another ad series that absolutely killed it from a behavioral economics perspective. Which was it you ask? TIDE. Seriously, this ad series was absolutely genius, and here is why: It tied (Tide?) itself to every single ad.  If you’ve heard me speak, you know your subconscious brain is running the show; constantly working and evaluating. While some of the other ads may have registered consciously as funny or interesting, this one got beneath the surface and[….]


Weddings: A behavioral economics playground

I got married last weekend (woohoo!) I am so happy to be married, and like so many before me, (perhaps) even happier to be done with planning the wedding. Unlike most though, I have had the joy of working on my masters in behavioral economics during the bulk of my wedding planning, which has given me a unique perspective on the experience. As you might expect, weddings contain a plethora of BE examples, here are my top ten: Endowment Effect: Many brides have been dreaming of their big day since childhood. And in the world of Pinterest, we have all been able to visually build a picture of what that day could/should look like. Once you visualize yourself in a[….]


The real value of free

Many marketers avoid using the word “free” in their advertising. The fear is that the general public has become immune to the word. That they will see (or hear) it and think – spam. I know this because I used to be one of them. However, behavioral economics has done a lot of studies into the power of “free” Is its value higher than zero? It turns out…that it is. Picture this: You are walking into the grocery store and see a small stand selling candy. Even if you are one of those people who typically avert your eyes and walk by as quickly as possible…let’s assume you stop (and that you have change in your pocket). They are selling[….]


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