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Melina receives rave reviews from audiences of all sizes and industries. Her fun, conversational approach is bringing behavioral economics out of academia and into application.

Historically, the brain of the consumer was an unsolvable mystery – an obstacle to be overcome. “Our jobs would be easy if it weren’t for the customers!” was a common adage in department meetings and at conferences the world over.


Focus groups say one thing and do another. Survey responses don’t match behavior. Economic models are inaccurate, leaving many business decisions to gut instincts or chance.

SOLUTION: Behavioral Economics

Behavioral economics. A field that is unlocking the secrets of the brain, which it turns out is divided into two systems.


Why Behavioral Economics?

Traditional marketing and business strategy are built and tested in the conscious part of the brain. It considers what people “should” do or what we hope we will do. Unfortunately, with 99% of decisions being made by the subconscious…many of those conscious predictions are not accurate.

Consider the two candy images here, which are an example of a behavioral economics study. It feels more comfortable for the person creating the ad to use the word “them”, but as you can see, the subconscious is drawn in by the large number (a concept called anchoring) which impacts the amount people buy. 

Changing 1 word resulted in a 38% increase in sales. (Note: the word itself isn’t magic, it’s the BE concept behind the word that matters.) There are hundreds of concepts and rules guiding the actions of the subconscious brain; applying them properly in each business case is both an art and a science.

That’s where The Brainy Business comes in. LET US HELP!

We have worked with companies in varied industries (confectionary, financial services, tech, state agencies, tourism, veterinary, and more) on projects like:

  • Pricing Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Customer Experience
  • Change Management
  • Advertising Effectiveness
  • Ecommerce Conversions
Whether you’re looking for recommendations based on existing study findings and experience or want to do a full research study of your own (like the heat map from testing this website or a more in depth project using EEG scanning, eye tracking, facial recognition and more) — The Brainy Business is your best partner.
“Unlocked: How to Get Inside the Customer's Mind with the Psychology of Behavioral Economics is a fascinating book on human behavior and economics. This thorough guidebook will shape the way you do business and force you to rethink your current strategies. Included are practical exercises to help you move your current management mess to leadership and business success. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand their clientele and what makes them tick.”
Scott J. Miller
bestselling author and host of the #1 leadership podcast, On Leadership with Scott Miller
“Unlocked hands you the key to the secret world of behavioural science, in its comprehensive yet approachable review of the research and how to use it.
Patrick Fagan
chief scientific officer of Capuchin Behavioural Science and author of Hooked
“Unlocked: Getting Inside the Consumer's Head with Behavioral Economics is a great guide to the customer's mind. Written for the savvy businessperson, the book delves into behavioral economics with an entry-level, yet accessible approach, that will not only enlighten, but also entertain.”
Nir Eyal
bestselling author of Hooked and Indistractable
“Einstein said, ‘Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.’ Unlocked does just that as Melina Palmer takes a tremendous amount of research from behavioral economics and social psychology and shares it in ways anyone can understand. And she does so without losing the nuances you need to know if you want to get it right. Most importantly, Melina gives real world application and additional references for readers who want to dive deeper into the topic. This book, and her Brainy Business podcast, are resources you don't want to overlook if you want to become more persuasive.”
Brian Ahearn
author Influence PEOPLE
“Building on the success of her podcast, Palmer has crafted a thoughtful, approachable book for anyone looking to take their first foray into the world of applied behavioral science and how it can be applied to practical business problems.”
Matt Wallaert
behavioral scientist and author of Start at the End: How to Build Products that Create Change
“You trust your gut, right? Well, so did many other business leaders, just before their gut reactions led them to make decisions that brought down great companies and high-flying careers. Melina Palmer’s book, relying on the latest research in behavioral economics, shows you how to avoid the dangerous judgment errors called cognitive biases that brought down previously-successful leaders. Palmer is an excellent science and business communicator and provides clear and business-relevant explanations of what you need to know to use behavioral economics insights to protect your company and career.”
Dr. Gleb Tsipursky
behavioral scientist, CEO of Disaster Avoidance Experts and bestselling author of Never Go With Your Gut and The Blindspots Between Us

Unlike other companies who force you to fit into their box, The Brainy Business understands that working within a company’s existing infrastructure is more effective.

Why? There is less change and items to learn, so you can focus on the benefits of incorporating those behavioral science insights instead of wasting precious brain energy on implementing new logistics and vendors. For that reason, every project is custom quoted to fit your needs.

Do you have a project, advertising campaign, or strategic initiative that could benefit from behavioral economics?

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