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What could you accomplish without mindset keeping you stuck?

Mindset is at the core of success in life and business. Are you ready to learn the steps to blast through any mindset block that comes your way, no matter its size? Join me, Melina Palmer for a 6-week interactive course where we will work together to take the mystery out of mindset blocks so you can step into 2020 with confidence.

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Beyond the WHAT of mindset. You’ll learn WHY your brain is wired for mindset issues, HOW they work, and I’ll give you concrete steps to apply and break through any mindset block now and into the future.

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Learn how to incorporate behavioral economics into your pricing strategy over 10 modules, each with a video from me and custom worksheets resulting in more leads and conversions.

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Want LIVE coaching from Melina?

You're eligible to attend a half-day virtual workshop

All clients—those participating in courses or working 1-on-1 with The Brainy Business—are eligible to take part in a half-day Brainy Workshop. During that Zoom session, you get 30 minutes of dedicated time to ask Melina your questions and she will coach you live (and you get to learn from the advice from all the other attendees)!

Each half-day workshop is capped at 6 attendees.

Upcoming Dates:

• November 13, 2019 (< Only 2 seats left!)
• 2020 TBD (Committed participants will be polled to find dates that work with their calendars)

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Brainy Courses are changing lives and businesses for the better



"The first day I used Melina’s visualization exercise from the Mindset module, daggone it if I didn't have a lead in my inbox that evening! Melina’s content is awesome and I really loved the way she spoke to me/the audience. It was real, which can be challenging in video. I never felt belittled, like I was listening to a robot, or listening to an infomercial—it was relatable, easy to understand, and so valuable."

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