Herding and How To Start a Movement

Four sheep all looking at the camera

On the Behavioral Economics Foundations episode on Herding, I mentioned one of my favorite TED Talks – How To Start A Movement by Derek Sivers.

TED Talks are always pretty short, but this one is just three minutes long. You might think that is too short to learn something so amazing. Thankfully, this video delivers.

While Sivers does not mention the terms “behavioral economics” or “herding” those underlying tendencies we have as a species are why his theories work (and are true). I love the simplicity of the message and how he made it relatable (remember – it’s not about the cookie).

Taking complex concepts and making them fun and engaging is pretty much my jam, which is likely why I relate to this video and wanted to share it with you. Thanks for such an amazingly perfect video Derek, and I hope to meet you in person one day to talk about leadership, herding, and fast followers.

For more from Derek, check out his amazingly simple website.

And, if you have not yet heard the episode on herding, you can listen to the full episode on YouTube:

Or, download it in your favorite podcast app (don’t forget to subscribe!) Behavioral Economics – Herding

Until next time, thanks again for listening and learning with me. And remember…to BE thoughtful.


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