Why you need the Brainy Mindset Course.

Mindset work is like pulling weeds. With the right tools (and you know how to use them) anything can be removed with relative ease. Until now, you didn’t have the right tools for mindset blocks, but that’s where this interactive course comes in. Because mindset blocks happen inside our own heads…it is important to have interaction and camaraderie while first learning how to tackle mindset. That’s why this course includes 6 weeks of live training with me, Melina Palmer, guiding you through the steps of mindset. You also get exclusive modules and worksheets only available to those in the course, AND a dedicated Facebook group so you can learn and grow along with others working on the same steps.
  • What is hitting your goals worth?
  • What is mental clarity worth?
  • What is your productivity worth?
If your answer is more than $399, you need this course. BUY NOW and start in January

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A quick peek at the modules included in the Brainy Mindset Course

Setting Brainy Goals (how to choose and narrow down your goals you can achieve)

Clutter (mental, physical and emotional clutter all has an impact on mindset)

Fears & Brain Concepts (why your brain is wired for mindset blocks – and how to approach them)

Frames & Filters (your brain gets what it expects…learn how set those to turbocharge your life)

Questionstorming! (you’ve heard me talk about it on the podcast, and now you can learn it from me just like my corporate clients!)

And so much more…

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Live 6-week course + access to

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