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What is behavioral economics? Why does it matter to you?

Podcast Episodes

What is behavioral economics? Why does it matter to you?

156. From Marketing Mess to Brand Success, with Scott Miller

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Today I am so excited to have Scott Miller back on the podcast to talk about marketing and branding, some of my favorite things! I really love the way Scott puts his books together, broken into 30 chapters with great, brain-friendly tips that you can begin implementing one day at a time. Essentially, the thought is that you can take a month and learn one lesson each day to uplevel in that particular area.
As you’ll hear more in the conversation, this is the second book in a planned series of 10; the first of which Scott discussed Management Mess to Leadership Success last time he was on the show. Today is about going from Marketing Mess to Brand Success, plus a funny story about a popular product that was originally called the “I-Suck” – can you guess what it is? Hear the answer and learn more about Scott and his work in the show.

Show Notes:

  • [00:06] In today’s episode I’m very delighted to bring back Scott Miller of Franklin Covey.
  • [01:17] Today is about going from a marketing mess to brand success. 
  • [04:15] Scott shares more about who he is and what he does. He is a 25 year associate of the Franklin Covey Company. 
  • [05:00] Today, we focus on Marketing Mess to Brand Success – the second of a ten-book series. 
  • [05:56] If you have something to say, write a book. Your book has not been written until you have written your book. 
  • [07:44] Scott’s books are very practical and they all follow the same format with 30 challenges. The chapters are very intentionally breezy and short. 
  • [09:14] There is enormous power in teaching through your messes. 
  • [10:38] Scott shares his favorite marketing messes from the book. 
  • [12:51] A lesson he learned is that you can’t control all the outcomes of a marketing campaign. He shares some of the lessons he has learned in his book. 
  • [14:49] Melina shares her own funny story from a marketing campaign she was part of. 
  • [17:25] It’s The Customer, Stupid is the first challenge in his book. As a marketer, you have to be the voice of the customer. 
  • [18:55] The best salesperson isn’t the person who has committed their third-quarter goal to memory, they’ve committed their client’s third-quarter goal to memory.

“The best salesperson isn’t the one who has committed their third-quarter goal to memory, they’ve committed their CLIENT’S third-quarter goal to memory.” – @scottmillerj1 #marketingmess #brandstrategy Click To Tweet

  • [20:07] We tend to market the way we like to be marketed to. Don’t always do what you like and know best. It may not always be the right vehicle. 
  • [22:34] Marketers need to be close to the cash. 
  • [23:27] A marketer’s number one job is to generate revenue-paying clients. 
  • [26:38] There is a massive difference between facts and your feelings, emotions, and opinions. 
  • [27:48] As marketers have you done your research? Do you know what circumstance your client is in or are you guessing?
  • [29:38] What you say are the facts might just be your own biases creeping in because you are so passionate about your idea. 
  • [30:22] 93% of organizations achieve success with an emergent strategy, not their deliberate strategy. They often have to pivot and search for new opportunities. 
  • [32:02] It is important to speak your customers’ language. 
  • [33:15] The biggest messaging mistake people make is that they tell their story. They don’t tell a story that their client can find themselves in. 
  • [36:01] Never forget you have two buyers. You have an internal and external buyer. 
  • [37:58] Marketing is very reactive. Branding is this touchstone and is proactive. 
  • [39:35] You have to build a brand and earn a brand with some of the outcomes of your marketing efforts. You need to have a strong marketing strategy that helps you build revenue and a brand. 
  • [40:07] Your brand is a result of this: did you make and keep a promise? Brands are hard to build. 
  • [41:19] Scott shares his story about a brand being a memory with Ralph Lauren.
  • [44:51] Melina shares her closing thoughts. 
  • [45:47] Melina’s first book, What Your Customer Wants and Can’t Tell You is officially available on AmazonBookshop, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, and Booktopia.

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