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What is behavioral economics? Why does it matter to you?

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Podcast Episodes

What is behavioral economics? Why does it matter to you?

348. Creating Lasting Connections: The Neuroscience of Memorable Event Design with Jon Levy (Refreshed Episode)

In this episode of The Brainy Business podcast, you will hear an insightful conversation between host Melina Palmer and guest Jon Levy, author of You’re Invited. Jon shares his expertise on using behavioral science in event design and sponsorships to create memorable experiences for attendees. Drawing from his own experiences, Jon emphasizes the power of human connection and relationships in event planning. 

He discusses the importance of assembling or working together on projects to foster a sense of connection and engagement. Jon also highlights the peak end rule, which states that people remember the peaks of experiences and how they end, and shares strategies for creating lasting impressions. He offers valuable insights on engaging high-profile individuals, building trust through vulnerability, and the significance of genuine interest in others. If you are a professional seeking to enhance your understanding of human behavior and apply behavioral science principles to create impactful and attention-grabbing events, this episode is a must-listen.

In this episode, you will:

  • Enhance customer engagement and satisfaction by leveraging the power of human connection and relationships.
  • Apply research-backed strategies to create impactful and memorable event experiences that resonate with attendees.
  • Foster meaningful connections among attendees through shared activities, strengthening their bond and creating lasting memories.
  • Build trust and rapport with attendees by demonstrating vulnerability and support, creating an environment where they feel safe and valued.
  • Discover the influential impact of showing genuine interest and curiosity in others, leading to more meaningful connections and enriching event experiences.
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00:00:00 – Introduction,
Melina introduces the episode and her guest, Jon Levy. She mentions his work as a behavioral scientist and his book, You’re Invited, which focuses on human connection, trust, and belonging.

00:03:26 – Behavioral Science and Research
Jon discusses his work as a behavioral scientist, including his research studies on dating and consumer behavior. He highlights the importance of applying research findings to real-life situations.

00:07:56 – The Influencers Dinner
Jon shares how he started the Influencers Dinner, a secret dining experience where guests couldn’t discuss their careers or give their last names. He explains how the dinners helped create connections and a sense of belonging among industry leaders.

00:09:34 – Building a Community
Jon explains how the Influencers Dinner evolved into a larger community of industry leaders. He discusses the in-person and digital events they organize and emphasizes the ephemeral nature of their interactions.

00:10:57 – Impact on Society
Jon discusses his objective of bringing people together to improve their lives and potentially have a larger impact on society. He talks about raising money for social issues and getting media attention to raise awareness.

00:14:43 – Building Bonds through Shared Experiences
The guest discusses the importance of getting people to assemble or work together as a way to strengthen relationships and create a sense of camaraderie within a company. By engaging high-profile individuals in unique and generous activities, such as assembling flowers, it creates a memorable experience that fosters emotional connections and generates positive word-of-mouth publicity.

00:16:16 – The Value of Being an Active Partner
Rather than simply being a sponsor, it is more effective to actively design or be involved in the thinking process. By ensuring that people understand the core value and proposition of a brand, partners can forge stronger connections and leave a lasting impression. Quality over quantity is emphasized, focusing on meaningful engagements rather than broad-scale reach.

00:18:55 – The Power of Invitation in Building Connections
The guest shares his experience in inviting impressive individuals to his events, even without extensive connections or resources. By starting with people he knew and gradually expanding his network through recommendations and research, he was able to build relationships with Nobel laureates, Olympians, and other accomplished individuals. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the behaviors and interests of specific groups in order to make meaningful connections.

00:20:42 – The Pitfalls of Scale and Misaligned Reach
The discussion highlights the importance of targeted reach rather than focusing solely on scale. Having a large number of followers or attendees does not guarantee the right audience or meaningful connections. It is crucial to consider the relevance and alignment of the target audience when seeking partnerships or sponsorships.

00:29:29 – The Power of Influence and Trust
Jon discusses the influence he has as a martial arts master and reverend, emphasizing the importance of trust in building connections. He explains that trust is created through competence, honesty, and benevolence, and that vulnerability loops can accelerate the trust-building process.

00:32:08 – Building Trust through Conversations
Jon shares how his dinners create an environment where guests can have more intimate and vulnerable conversations, leading to accelerated trust between individuals. He also highlights the value of connecting on a personal level beyond discussing work-related topics.

00:34:50 – The Misunderstanding of Trust
Jon explains that trust is often misunderstood, with many individuals leading with competence rather than benevolence. He discusses the importance of leveraging vulnerability loops and the Ikea effect to accelerate trust-building, emphasizing the need to ask for favors and provide support to create profound trust.

00:36:39 – Overcoming Fear of Asking for Help
Melina and Jon share their personal experiences of asking for help, particularly in relation to promoting their books. They discuss the discomfort and fear that comes with asking for favors but highlight the importance of understanding that rejection or non-response doesn’t necessarily reflect a personal dislike.

00:39:46 – Networking vs. Making Friends
Jon challenges the traditional idea of networking and suggests that making friends is a more natural and effective way to connect with others. He emphasizes that networking often feels forced and unnatural, whereas making friends allows for more genuine and meaningful connections.

00:44:03 – The Importance of Relationships
Relationships define the quality of our lives, whether in business or personal settings. Being vulnerable and reaching out to others can lead to meaningful connections and impactful experiences.

00:45:27 – Be Willing to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
To expand your social circle and create an impact, it’s important to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. Take action, reach out to others, and engage in activities that bring people together.

00:46:29 – The Power of Social Catalysts
Engaging in activities as social catalysts can make connecting with others feel less awkward. Activities like walking, playing games, or pursuing shared interests provide a natural context for conversation and connection.

00:48:07 – Embrace Anonymity and Genuine Interest
By focusing on genuine interest in others, regardless of titles or achievements, deeper connections can be formed. Embrace anonymity and approach interactions with curiosity and authenticity.

00:50:15 –  Conclusion,
Melina’s top insights from the conversation. What stuck with you while listening to the episode? What are you going to try? Come share it with Melina on social media — you’ll find her as @thebrainybiz everywhere and as Melina Palmer on LinkedIn.

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