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What is behavioral economics? Why does it matter to you?

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Podcast Episodes

What is behavioral economics? Why does it matter to you?

395. Mastering Negotiation: Strategies for Success with Kwame Christian

In this episode of The Brainy Business podcast, host Melina Palmer  welcomes back the captivating Kwame Christian, host of the Negotiate Anything podcast, for a deep dive into the art of negotiation. In this richly insightful episode, Melina leads a dynamic reverse interview, unveiling Kwame’s revered Compassionate Curiosity framework. Discover the transformative potential of acknowledging emotions, fostering genuine curiosity, and the strategic power of joint problem-solving. 

Be enthralled by the exploration of affect labeling’s effect on emotions and learn how breaks in negotiation can precipitate better outcomes. We navigate the cultural nuances crucial for negotiation success and share valuable insights on the synergy between sales processes and negotiation skills. Whether you are looking to enhance your professional dealings or elevate personal interactions, this episode offers groundbreaking strategies that honor both the psychological and practical aspects of communication. 

In this episode:

  • Master negotiation techniques for personal branding to elevate your professional image and achieve greater success in your career.
  • Apply behavioral economics in negotiations to gain a strategic advantage and maximize your deal-making potential.
  • Explore Kwame Christian’s Compassionate Curiosity framework to foster stronger relationships and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes in negotiations.
  • Implement effective anchoring strategies in negotiations to influence perceptions and drive favorable terms in your favor.
  • Cultivate cultural intelligence in negotiation processes to navigate diverse business settings with skill and finesse.
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00:00:00 – Introduction
Melina introduces Kwame Christian, host of the Negotiate Anything podcast.

00:02:41 – Compassionate Curiosity Framework Recap
Melina and Kwame discuss the Compassionate Curiosity framework, a three-part framework for having difficult conversations, which involves acknowledging and validating emotions, getting curious with compassion, and utilizing joint problem solving.

00:06:47 – Balancing Priming and Anchoring in Emotion Recognition
The conversation delves into the trade-offs of priming and anchoring when offering emotion descriptors, specifically when using the Compassionate Curiosity framework, and the potential impact on the emotional temperature of the conversation.

00:11:39 – Examples of Excellent Framework Implementation
Kwame provides examples of individuals who demonstrate each part of the compassionate curiosity framework, highlighting podcast hosts as exemplary question-askers and interviewers who excel at acknowledging and validating emotions.

00:12:28 – Co-negotiators and Good Cop Bad Cop Strategies
The discussion explores the concept of co-negotiators and the effectiveness of the “good cop, bad cop” strategy in negotiation, considering the role of relationship builders and problem solvers partnering towards a common goal for a client.

00:14:07 – The Hot Ones Interviewer and the Power of Preparation
Kwame talks about the interviewer from the show Hot Ones and his exceptional preparation skills. The ability to ask in-depth questions beyond the surface level helps build rapport and reciprocity with guests.

00:18:22 – The Value of a Co-negotiator
Kwame shares a story about a negotiation where the relationship with the counterpart was strained. He discusses the value of having a co-negotiator in complex negotiations to bring in a fresh perspective and facilitate a fair outcome.

00:20:28 – The Role of Negotiation in Personal Branding and Success
Kwame reflects on how negotiation skills have been instrumental in securing media deals and partnerships, contributing to the success of his personal brand. Negotiation played a crucial role in landing opportunities and creating mutually beneficial deals.

00:23:02 – Negotiation in Sales and Marketing
Kwame explains how negotiation techniques are integrated within the sales process, emphasizing the importance of understanding the synergy between negotiation and sales. He highlights the role of negotiation in closing deals and finding mutually beneficial terms.

00:25:30 – The Power of Anchoring in Negotiation
Kwame delves into the psychological concept of anchoring within negotiation and its impact on influencing deal outcomes. He emphasizes the significance of setting a strong anchor to guide negotiations towards favorable terms.

00:28:12 – The Importance of Information in Negotiation
Kwame discusses the significance of having the right amount of information before making an offer. He emphasizes the role of information asymmetry and the impact it has on negotiation strategy.

00:29:17 – The Power of Making the First Offer
Melina and Kwame talk about the advantage of making the first offer in a negotiation and how it can set the tone for the rest of the conversation. They highlight the importance of confidence and setting a higher anchor.

00:30:22 – Approach to Negotiation and Conversation
Kwame shares his preference for being a conversational counterpuncher and using the 70-30 rule in negotiations. He explains the strategy of dropping an anchor and then engaging in compassionate curiosity to keep the conversation flowing.

00:31:43 – Taking Breaks in Negotiation
The conversation shifts to the underutilization of breaks in negotiations and the importance of recognizing when momentum is slowing down. Kwame emphasizes the use of breaks to trigger the sunk cost fallacy and keep the negotiation on track.

00:34:25 – Addressing the Use of Negotiation Techniques
Melina and Kwame discuss the transparency in using negotiation techniques and the importance of acknowledging and validating emotions. Kwame shares his approach to addressing concerns about using negotiation frameworks.

00:35:59 –  Conclusion
What stuck with you while listening to the episode? What are you going to try? Come share it with Melina on social media — you’ll find her as @thebrainybiz everywhere and as Melina Palmer on LinkedIn.


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