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What is behavioral economics? Why does it matter to you?

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Podcast Episodes

What is behavioral economics? Why does it matter to you?

397. Exploring Behavioral Economics with Jeff Kreisler of JP Morgan Chase

In this episode of The Brainy Business podcast, host Melina Palmer welcomes Jeff Kreisler, Head of Behavioral Science at JPMorgan Chase and celebrated author. Dive into Jeff’s fascinating journey from lawyer and stand-up comedian to a leading expert in behavioral science, discovering along the way how humor intertwines with our decision-making processes. Jeff shares insightful anecdotes and explains the significant impact of behavioral economics in both personal and professional realms, especially in wealth management at JPMorgan Chase. 

The discussion explores the evolving role of AI in decision-making, emphasizing ethics and biases, and highlights the necessity of diverse perspectives and adapting to new challenges in large organizations. Jeff’s unique blend of wit and wisdom illuminates the peculiarities of human behavior and the potential of behavioral science to enhance financial decision-making and reduce stress. This episode is a must-listen for anyone intrigued by the intersection of psychology, economics, and the transformative power of humor within the business world.

In this episode:

  • Understand the impact of behavioral science on financial decision-making for improved strategies.
  • Explore Jeff Kreisler’s successful career transition to behavioral science and its relevance in finance.
  • Discover the power of incorporating humor in behavioral economics to enhance financial outcomes.
  • Harness the role of AI in revolutionizing and enhancing financial services for better client engagement.
  • Learn the key steps to build a successful career in behavioral economics and its impact on financial decision-making
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00:00:00 – Introduction,
Jeff Kreisler shares his unconventional journey from studying economics and law to becoming a stand-up comedian and eventually the head of behavioral science at JPMorgan Chase.

00:05:22 – Discovering Behavioral Science
Jeff discusses how he stumbled upon behavioral science through a business humor column and his collaboration with Dan Ariely, which led to a deeper understanding of human decision-making.

00:07:50 – Applying Behavioral Science
Jeff talks about his experience working on popular books and projects with Dan Ariely, as well as his role at PeopleScience, where he bridged the gap between behavioral science and real-world applications in various industries.

00:10:38 – Career Insights and Opportunities
Jeff reflects on the importance of staying open to opportunities, being honest with oneself, and the role of privilege in taking career risks. He emphasizes the value of keeping a flexible mindset in today’s ever-changing economy.

00:13:42 – Coping with the Unknowns of the World
Jeff discusses the idea of coping with the unknowable aspects of the world and the mindset of irrationality in human behavior. He shares a personal anecdote about learning to laugh at mistakes and the unique experience of being alive.

00:14:50 – Observing Human Behavior
Jeff talks about the mindset of behavioral scientists and the importance of observing and testing people’s behavior. He emphasizes the significance of small, seemingly insignificant changes that can have a massive impact on human behavior.

00:16:14 – Spontaneity in Public Speaking
The conversation touches on the spontaneity in public speaking and the challenge of maintaining spontaneity while using a script. Jeff humorously reflects on his experiences in comedy and public speaking.

00:18:17 – Mental Accounting and Decision Making
Jeff discusses the concept of mental accounting and how it influences decision making. He highlights the emotional and irrational aspects of decision making, using the example of pricing and relativity in consumer behavior.

00:24:27 – Impact of Behavioral Science in Finance
Jeff shares his motivation for joining JP Morgan Chase and the potential impact of behavioral science in improving financial decision making for American families. He emphasizes the importance of communication and the value of leaning into one’s strengths in a professional role.

00:27:07 – Career in the Financial Sector
Jeff discusses how he transitioned from working in show business to the financial sector and shares his experiences of stereotypes in the banking world.

00:29:11 – Application of Behavioral Science
Jeff talks about how he utilized behavioral science in his role at JP Morgan, focusing on client engagement, advisor empowerment, and financial innovation.

00:31:23 – Perspective on AI and Behavioral Science
Jeff shares his insights on the intersection of AI, data, and behavioral science, emphasizing the importance of AI as a tool rather than a dispositive decision maker.

00:32:45 – Adoption of Behavioral Science
Jeff discusses the challenges of introducing behavioral science in a large organization and highlights the value it adds in various contexts.

00:38:41 – Optimism for Behavioral Science
Jeff emphasizes the significance of maintaining optimism for the field of behavioral science and the value it brings to individuals, organizations, and governments. He also shares his contact information for those interested in connecting with him.

00:40:59 – The Kindness of the Behavioral Science Community
The field of behavioral science is filled with kind and generous people who are willing to help others. Whether virtually or through social media, the community is inviting and supportive, providing thoughtful responses to those who seek help.

00:41:43 – Conclusion
What stuck with you while listening to the episode? What are you going to try? Come share it with Melina on social media — you’ll find her as @thebrainybiz everywhere and as Melina Palmer on LinkedIn.


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