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Brainy Pricing Course.

Pricing Strategy is one of the most common things I get asked about. “How do I set my prices?” “Which numbers are best (should it end in a 9, 5, 7 or 0)?” “Does it matter which product, service or package you mention first?” And, of course, “Why aren’t people buying when I know they should?”

These questions came from everywhere: global corporations to small businesses in every industry imaginable.

Pricing confidence is key to increased sales. And I’ve compiled those most common questions into a 10 module course, each with its own video from me, asking you questions and explaining pricing just like I would if we were doing a 1-on-1 Virtual Strategy Session. These are the same questions I ask my clients. The course outlines details and tips I’ve learned after doing tons of these sessions for all sorts of businesses.

PLUS, you will get multiple worksheets (different and more robust than the podcast freebies) to help you build out your own brainy pricing strategy. Each is designed to replicate as closely as possible the experience clients have working with me on their pricing.

A quick peek at the modules included
in the Brainy Pricing Course

An introduction to pricing strategy

Mindset (one of the biggest places I’ve found people need support!)

Priming (how to set the stage before you even get to the price – i.e. finding your scent of the cookies)

Relativity (how to showcase prices together to make the one with the best value shine)

Know Your Numbers (what to think through to ensure your prices are profitable)

Discounting (when to do it, when not to, and how to decide what’s right for you)

Framing (making that star product/service irresistible to your customers)

Anchoring (how to showcase your pricing in various scenarios, including a chart, list and when speaking)

5, 7, 9 or 0 (it’s time to finalize those prices with confidence)

Bringing It All Together (final tips and tricks for confident, brainy pricing)



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