Melina receives rave reviews from audiences of all sizes and industries. Her fun, conversational approach is bringing behavioral economics out of academia and into application.

Melina Palmer, host of The Brainy Business Podcast, has dedicated her career to seeking answers to questions like, "Why do people buy?" and "What influences consumer behavior?" for herself and her clients. Melina earned her Master’s in Behavioral Economics from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology conducting a research project on improving savings behaviors using simple nudges. She loves to bring innovative practices to organizations and help bring BE concepts from academia into application. At The Brainy Business, Melina works with global corporations and entrepreneurs to understand the small changes that can make a big difference in product programs, pricing, change initiatives, branding, internal communication, and making marketing messages “brain friendly” to increase engagement and ROI.


Audiences have called Melina “terrific” “amazing” “fantastic” and someone who “changed my thinking” – your group will not be disappointed


The subconscious brain makes 99% of buying decisions – small tweaks in messaging can make a big difference in conversions and ROI. Melina unlocks the secrets of the brain to help groups of any size and industry to become more brain friendly.

Change Management

It's Not About The Cookie

Executives, human resources, marketing, project managers, entrepreneurs

"Change is hard." But does it have to be? While there are different personality types, all our brains have a common thread that has been developing for millions of years. This commonality has created rules of thumb which guide the subconscious brain. “Gut” reactions are actually the subconscious brain, which does not have a concept for language, trying to communicate. The way you prime and frame a message can have huge impacts on the way it is received. The right message communicated the wrong way can almost guarantee a new approach or initiative will fail. In this session, Melina will uses her fun and engaging “it’s not about the cookie” framework to help anyone lead through change with ease.



Working with the Brain to Build a Better Brand

Marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, culture drivers, brand ambassadors

Ever created a campaign you just knew was amazing –the one that would blow everything else out of the water…only to have it flop? We have all been there. We have all wondered what went wrong, but never really got an answer: until now. Melina Palmer uses this interactive presentation to teach the audience about small tweaks that can make all the difference. How? By understanding how the brain really works and using those lessons to your advantage. Did you know more than 95% of decisions are made subconsciously? Most messaging is speaking to the wrong part of the brain! Learn how to make your brand more “brain friendly” (and thus, more effective) when you know how habitual behavior, emotions, and the five senses are impacting your brand every day. And don’t worry, this presentation is in everyday language with simple examples and tips you can apply immediately.


Irresistible Products

How to Build, Price, and Present Products People Will Buy

marketers, product teams, executives, entrepreneurs

Why do people buy products? What drives their behavior? Whether we like it or not, we humans buy almost everything (99%) with our subconscious brain. The subconscious makes snap decisions constantly, many of which have been developing for millions of years as a species. That means they can be easily predicted and built into product and pricing programs. Product presentation matters. The way you price matters. In this presentation, Melina will explain how to build, price, and present products to people will be driven to buy them again and again.


The Truth About Pricing:

(It’s Not About The Cookie)

Keynote presentations to all audiences, including executives, sales teams, marketing, business development, entrepreneurs

How to price products is something every business (regardless of size or industry) struggles with. Countless hours have been wasted agonizing over the perfect price, but there is something no one has told you. There is an unwritten truth about pricing – a secret Melina will uncover in this session using her proprietary “it’s not about the cookie” method. In this session you will learn: (1) how the brain makes decisions about pricing, (2) why the order things are presented in matters much more than the items themselves – or the price and, (3) specific tips for commanding premium prices for any product. Attend this fun and engaging session for actionable, concrete tips and mind-blowing revelations about behavioral economics and the human brain that will change your business (for the better) forever.


The Top 5 Wording Mistakes Businesses Make

marketing, sales teams, entrepreneurs

Did you know the subconscious brain makes 99% of decisions? That means the vast majority of choices (including whether your customer chooses to buy from you) are made using rules of thumb that aren't always logical. In this presentation, Melina will introduce five types of mistakes all busine,sses make in their wording. Learn from their mistakes so you can create more leads - and paying customers!


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