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Herding and How To Start a Movement

On the Behavioral Economics Foundations episode on Herding, I mentioned one of my favorite TED Talks – How To Start A Movement by Derek Sivers. TED Talks are always pretty short, but this one is just three minutes long. You might think that is too short to learn something so amazing. Thankfully, this video delivers. While Sivers does not mention the terms “behavioral economics” or “herding” those underlying tendencies we have as a species are why his theories work (and are true). I love the simplicity of the message and how he made it relatable (remember – it’s not about the cookie). Taking complex concepts and making them fun and engaging is pretty much my jam, which is likely why[….]


Weddings: A behavioral economics playground

I got married last weekend (woohoo!) I am so happy to be married, and like so many before me, (perhaps) even happier to be done with planning the wedding. Unlike most though, I have had the joy of working on my masters in behavioral economics during the bulk of my wedding planning, which has given me a unique perspective on the experience. As you might expect, weddings contain a plethora of BE examples, here are my top ten: Endowment Effect: Many brides have been dreaming of their big day since childhood. And in the world of Pinterest, we have all been able to visually build a picture of what that day could/should look like. Once you visualize yourself in a[….]