‘Twas The Week Before Christmas, And…

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all ‘cross the land, entrepreneurs exclaimed, “I finished none of my plans!”

Such goals when I started—this year and the last; Why can’t I make progress? Time goes by too fast.

To do lists and stickies cover every last office inch, while my vision board gathers dust…I’m the small business Grinch.

Others are doing it, so whyever can’t I?
#weaksauce Was my dream really a lie?

When out of my brain there arose such a clatter,
I awoke from the fog to find the source of the matter.

There in my feed it appeared like a flash,
a solution to my problem—a brainy course with panache.

I’ve thought of raising my prices, but where do I start?
“With mindset” said Brainy. “It’s the critical part.”

My eyes filled with delight as I learned of the sale:
Pricing and Mindset together, the combo can’t fail!

“It’s a BOGO” said Brainy, “to tackle your business with ease.
2020 is your year. It’ll be the bees knees.”

We start off together, 6 weeks as a group.
Tackling mindset, step by step over Zoom.

Once goals are defined and blocks have been vanquished,
We move on to pricing – let me relieve all your anguish.

First priming! Then framing! On to anchors and relativities!
Not sure when to discount? Use these custom worksheets and activities.

Yes it’s for everyone – products and services alike.
Selling on Amazon or Etsy? Hold on while I drop this mic.

The brain’s rules always apply, and I’ve broken them down.
You’ll be a pro when you’re done, proud of that business you own.

You’re a gift to this world, and you deserve all the joy
that comes with mindset and pricing confidence – oh the goals you’ll destroy!

More leads and more sales (at a more profitable price)
Your sales will be easy, why would you think twice?

The Brainy Business BOGO is the deal for you.
It will change your business – half the work with profits times two.

Whatever your goal, behavioral economics will help you get there.
We will solve it together, then in the joys we will share!

All the start dates on sale – Q1, 2 or 3,
But grab your spot now and you’ll save a cool 50.

(That’s percent, not dollars – I know, it’s a steal!
Everyone deserves this victory…hence the sweet deal.)

You and your business are ready – shake off that fright,
“Brainy BOGOs for all, and for all, 2020 will be bright!”


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